Weekend Writing Warrior – 6/23/13

This week’s selection comes from the July release in my Hot Nights in St. Blaise series – Roman Candles.

July LG


Sophie shot out of the chair like a heat-seeking missile intent on seeking the heat only this particular man stirred in her. Her mouth found its target, perhaps with a little less grace than she would have liked, but she was happy to trade aplomb for accuracy. He caught her easily. Too easily. Logically, she knew women threw themselves at him all the time, but the tiniest bit of hesitation would have been appreciated.

His lips shifted against hers, dampening the spark of pique and stoking the red-hot need smoldering inside her. From the moment she first laid eyes on the tall, dark, and devastatingly handsome doctor, she wanted him. In that particular moment, when everything she claimed she didn’t need was there in her arms, she realized she had one goal in mind over the past six months: This.


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Roman Candles

Pediatrician Mario Debrizzio is a single woman’s dream come true. He’s successful and confident, owns a gorgeous old home that cries out for a family, and is as talented in the kitchen as he is in the bedroom.

But when he loses his cool on the job, Dr. Debrizzio finds himself front and center with SBRMC’s chief headshrinker. Dr. Sophie Bernard is more than pleasant to look at, but the last thing he wants is to let the woman who has already messed with his head poking around in there.

No amount of distance can keep Dr. Sophie Bernard safe from the memory of the scorching kiss she and Mario shared at the SBRMC Christmas party. The man was hot as a firecracker and every bit as dangerous. She was also married at the time…technically.

Long after her divorce is final, Sophie fights the attraction. But when Mario holds a flame to her fuse, her fear and frustration explodes into a passion that burns up the hot summer night.

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  1. Wow, that was a fast moving excerpt – I’m out of breath! Steamy, loved that she did have the little thought about how he must have women throw themselves into his arms fairly often. Terrific snippet!

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