Weekend Writing Warrior – 6/7/15

This week I am back to sharing bits of my current WIP, Play Dates, the first book in what I hope will be a series featuring some hot single dads and the women who capture their hearts!


“I’ll see you home.”

Though the words drifted past her ear on a low, throat whisper, she almost jumped out of her skin. His hand slid down to her hip to hold her close as he reached past her to open the restaurant door.

Wetting her lips, she glanced over her shoulder as she stepped out in to the crisp, clean night air. “I was hoping you would.”

“Did you drive?”

She wanted to do a little wiggle dance just to see if she could work his hand a bit lower, but resisted the temptation. They’d get there soon enough. This was going to happen, and damn, it would be good.

“I took a cab.”


Thanks for reading! Let me know what you think, and be sure to check out all of my fellow Weekend Writing Warriors!


7 Replies to “Weekend Writing Warrior – 6/7/15”

  1. A lady who knows what she wants and isn’t afraid to go out there and find it. Nice.

  2. “I’ll see you home” sounds so deliciously old fashioned, but the sexy vibes stemming from that statement definitely are not! Don’t blame her a bit for wanting to do the ‘wiggle dance!’ Hot 8, for sure!

  3. This was going to happen, and damn, it would be good.–LOVE this line! Very interested to see where this goes. Sexy snippet!

  4. They seem to be of like minds! And resisting the wiggle is probably a good idea, he needs to be able to concentrate on the road.

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