Weekend Writing Warrior – 6/8/14

Greetings! Here are 8 more from The Last First Date!


“We are so good at that, we should do that all the time.”

A chuckle shook his shoulders. “Okay.”

“You’d be all right with that?”

He raised his head enough to look her in the eye. “After we have dinner or see a movie.”

His stubborn insistence on dating her made her giddy. “Still trying to make sure I’ll respect you in the morning?”



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The Last First Date

Nanee’s review:
Loved this quirky, funny, lighthearted and sexy as hell story. Great characters, love Lang and Jessica too cute together, they are so freaking funny and made for each other. Lang is a Detective and his gun chewing date steals gum and gets arrested, Jessica is a wreck, she’s back staying with her mom, getting a new job, not much money and her car breaks down. in comes Detective dreamy to the rescue. Loved it from start to finish, wish there was more but hey it was great. Very sexy and sweet. 5 stars

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10 Replies to “Weekend Writing Warrior – 6/8/14”

  1. God, I love these two! So perfect for each other. And I love a man who wants to take the time to woo a girl, even if he’s already gotten in her pants. 😀 Congrats on the 5 star review!

  2. I like the dating aspect as well. It seem that dating, or the art of getting to know someone, is dying out. Glad to see he is willing to do that. Can’t wait to read more…

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