Weekend Writing Warrior – 7/19/15

More from my current WIP, Play Dates, the first book in what I hope will be a series featuring some hot single dads and the women who capture their hearts! Post-mortem: Part I


Melody blinked up at her, the to-go cup of coffee poised millimeters from her lips. “And that is was it? He just left?”

Monica peered into the depths of the cardboard box in the center of the island and shrugged as she extracted a doughnut. “Well, yeah, what was he supposed to do?”

Emma zipped through the kitchen, high on hot chocolate and fried dough, singing a song about a sparkly castle on glittery hill. She ran smack into Monica’s leg mid-twirl, grinned up at her, completely oblivious to bits of flyaway brown hair adhered to her sticky cheeks, and held up one sugar-glazed hand in silent supplication. Monica obligingly dropped a doughnut hole into her waiting palm.

The little girl twirled away and Monica turned back to her sister. “What would you have done?”

Melody took the delayed sip of her coffee, then heaved a dramatic sigh. “I suppose I would have gone.”


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  1. Hee! I wanna be Emma right now. I just need the hot chocolate and the fried dough…and to go back in time about 25 years. 😀 Great excerpt!

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