Weekend Writing Warrior – 8/24/14

I’m still working on the sequel to The Last First Date. Here’s a bit where Jessica compares Lang with the handsome older gentleman who has been wining and dining Lang’s grandmother.


Marcus was all sleek silver hair and smooth edges. The modern-day version of Cary Grant of Gregory Peck. His sleek handsomeness was almost too perfect to be believed, but confidence rolled off him in waves.

Lang, on the other hand, was a mess. Her mess. He’d been almost as immaculately turned out when he showed up at her door that evening. Pride and remorse mingled in her belly as she eyed him now. His suit was rumpled, the white shirt he now wore open at his throat had lost it’s starch, and his necktie trailed from his pocket.


Your input is welcome and most appreciated. I hope to polish the first few chapters and get them sent off on proposal this week!

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