Weekend Writing Warrior – 8/4/13

Today’s post comes for M is for Melting– my contribution to Love Letters Volume 4: Travel to Temptation (August 5th from Carina Press).


“Hello, my American girl-friend, Sam.”

She whirled in her seat but a rogue breeze tossed her hair into her eyes. Clawing it away, she zoomed in on the smiling man beside her table. This was no Cary Grant wannabe. No, Luca Camilleri was more of a George Clooney/Gerard Butler mix, without the gray hair or Scots burr, but with the smiling eyes and laugh lines fanning from the corners.

“Please tell me you are my good friend Sam and I’m not making a fool of myself in front of a beautiful woman.” His voice dropped to a hush. “Lie to me, if you must.”


Love Letters Volume 4: Travel to Temptation


Passion is only a short trip away in Love Letters Volume 4: Travel to Temptation.

M Is for Melting by Maggie Wells
When Samantha Walters contacts childhood pen pal Luca Camilleri, she discovers the boy she knew is now an incredibly desirable man. And a not-so-innocent comment in an online chat spurs Sam to give in to impulse, heading to Malta for a vacation fling.

N Is for Naughty by Christina Thacher
Chasing a reclusive author sends Steve Collins to New Zealand—and into the bed of smart and sexy Gemma Robinson, the writer’s granddaughter. Can Steve earn her forgiveness when she learns he used her to find his idol?

O Is for One More Night by Ginny Glass
Winnie Caesar only intends to ask Silas Quinn for help in locating a stolen artifact, not to relive the steamy night they once shared. But when Winnie tracks him down in Brazil, her plans are derailed by their unstoppable passion…

P Is for Predicament by Emily Cale
Finally single and ready to move on with his life, Jason Logan plans a getaway to the Indian Himalayas…but so does his ex, Dillon Waters. Soon a simple chat leads to much more intimate encounters.

Q Is for Quarrel by Ginny Glass and Christina Thacher
The last thing Zane Harrison expects to find in his borrowed Majorcan villa is an undressed-to-impress woman! Turns out he and Tara Curtis were both promised exclusive use of the villa. They quickly discover a way to broker a truce by sharing a bedroom…

For more information on the Love Letters series, click here!

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17 Replies to “Weekend Writing Warrior – 8/4/13”

  1. Oh I love the concept of them being childhood pen pals. The part about the laugh lines made me smile

  2. Loved this, can’t wait to read it!!! Excellent excerpt…is it too late for me to go back and have childhood pen pals who will grown up into incredibly sexy guys LOL?

  3. That’s just like hair–to attack you when you most want to look cool.

    I hope he knows it’s her, otherwise he’s pretty much offered to throw her over for a stranger.

  4. I love how you described him in such a unique way. And the last line, lie to me if you must, how charming is that? How could any woman resist? Great 8!

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