Weekend Writing Warrior – 9/29/13

This week’s selection comes from the next installment in the Hot Nights in St. Blaise series – Ogling Miss October.

Ogling Miss October_Maggie Wells


She settled against his side, her cheek cushioned on his chest, her hand splayed over his stomach. Warm and sated, she drifted in and out of a doze. Warren, on the other hand, fell asleep with the conviction of a man with two orgasms under his belt and pillow beneath his head. Draping her leg over his, she drank in the sweet serenity of his profile.

Sighing, she closed her eyes and ran her hand low across his belly. Even in sleep, he responded to her touch. She smiled, taking in the outline of his cock pressed against the sheet draped low across his hips, impressive even in its semi-aroused state.

Warren’s body was a work of art.


Ogling Miss October

After five years as a single dad, Warren Mueller can spout the reasons why purple is ‘so much cooler’ than pink, wield a fairly competent glue gun, and fumble his way to a decent set of pig-tails. The only thing he hasn’t figured out is how a big, clumsy farm boy like him caught the attention of an exotic beauty like Susie Chen.

A tiny Asian-American cursed with more brain that brawn, Susie has always been attracted to big, burly corn-fed men who drive pick-up trucks and spend their weekends fishing, hunting, and paddling canoes.

She likes Warren Mueller, not that she could ever have him. The protective barrier the town keeps around its young widower and his little girl that seems impenetrable…until the night of the St. Blaise Elementary Fall Festival.

If a picture says a thousand words, a single snapshot of Warren speaks volumes to Susie. He wants her as much as she wants him, and if he isn’t a big enough man to admit it, she’ll just have to show him the way.

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22 Replies to “Weekend Writing Warrior – 9/29/13”

  1. Great description of him! I especially like the line, “Warren, on the other hand, fell asleep with the conviction of a man with two orgasms under his belt and pillow beneath his head.”

  2. So wonderful, that feeling. You brought it to life. Might have to go crawl back in bed with the hubby : )

  3. Romantic, touching and sexy too. Great scene that totally captures the after feeling of a good bout of sex. Well done!

  4. Have I mentioned lately how much I love Warren? Well, Susie’s pretty nifty too, and it’s a good thing otherwise I’d have to move in and stake my claim. Fab, perfectly described 8, Maggie! 🙂

  5. Very nice 8. I just love her looking over her man then realizing just how beautiful he was. It’s just an awesome picture. Thanks for sharing.

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