Weekend Writing Warrior – 6/9/13

Today’s post comes for J is for Jaded– my contribution to Love Letters Volume 3: Wicked Whispers (coming June 17th from Carina Press).


Vaughan rocked back on his heels, letting his eyes travel leisurely over the naked woman towering over him. Drawing a bracing breath, he gave her one last chance at having the more her body so obviously craved.

“Tell me. Tell me the story of how much you want me and you can have the happy ending you want.”

She stared at him, doe-eyed and panicked.

“Say it. Say it out loud, and I’ll give you anything you want and more. But you have to say it, Julie.”


Verbal foreplay goes a long way in these four steamy stories in Love Letters Volume 3: Wicked Whispers.

I Is for Indecent by Christina Thacher
Annie Forrest doesn’t think flirtatious Stefan Cox is seriously interested in her—until he starts describing what it will be like when they strip away their inhibitions and their clothes. But do they have anything in common besides their gift for dirty talk?

J Is for Jaded by Maggie Wells
Voice actress Julie Poplin secretly thinks about rocker-turned-sound-engineer Vaughan Hatch when she needs to make passion leap from the page while narrating a steamy audio book. But their recording session takes a seductive turn when she accidentally speaks Vaughan’s name instead of the hero’s…

K Is for Kick-Start by Ginny Glass

Author Sophie Maddox has a bad case of writer’s block and a distractingly handsome editor clamoring for her newest sexy romance. She’s tempted by Oliver’s offer to use his place to write—and even more tempted to act out scenes when a typo reveals she’s been using him as inspiration.

L Is for Lessons by Emily Cale
When Chloe turns to her friend Bethany for help earning some extra cash, she’s shocked to discover that Bethany is a phone sex operator…and is intrigued by her offer to teach Chloe the ropes. But neither of them is prepared for the unexpected desire their lesson unleashes.

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