6 Replies to “Whatcha reading?”

  1. Hee. I can actually comment. Jill Shalvis’ new series Cedar Ridge. Book one. Set in Colorado this go round.

  2. Finished “Uprooted,” the book I was so excited about. It began beautifully and ended up OK, but I was let-down by the middle and miffed by how the heroine was continually belittled and verbally abused by her guy. Ugh. On to the next…
    …Which is “The Truth According to Us,” by Annie Barrows. Super exited about this one, because Annie is half of the writing team that knocked the “Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society” out of the park. Hope it doesn’t disappoint!

  3. I guess I should say that I am reading Nora Roberts’ Whiskey Beach. Enjoyable, but no surprises. Slipping into a little Nora is always comforting. 🙂

  4. Oh, what a surprise. I’m reading another Sandra Brown. Loving this one too, despite its unusual and far-fetched premise. The woman can write the erotic scenes like a fricking pro-star and I love her for it. 😀

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