3 Replies to “Whatcha reading?”

  1. I’m finally starting J.R. Ward’s The King. I’ve had this one on the Kindle for a while, but haven’t read. I love the Black Dagger Brotherhood books, but I have to work myself up to diving back into that world.

  2. Oh, Maggie. I’ve been so bad. I haven’t even touched my Kindle in the last week. I think you should spank me. But I HAVE been editing a delicious story by someone you might know. 😉 I’m reading First Frost this weekend, and I don’t mean maybe!

  3. Finished “Heroes Are My Weakness” and loved it, of course. Annie is a puppeteer and her feisty puppets continually speak to her in her head. Also started and finished “A Spool of Blue Thread” by one of my all-time favorite authors, Anne Tyler. I’ve heard this is Tyler’s last novel, and I’m sorry to say this one did not speak to me the way they normally do, so that was a disappointment. Now I’m reading “A Second Bite at the Apple” by Dana Bate. Sydney wants to break into the world of food journalism, is currently sorta-dating a former writer who is now disgraced, and I’m pretty sure I can see the disastrous choice she’s going to make looming in the not-too-distant future. Pretty enjoyable tale so far, though.

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