3 Replies to “Whatcha Reading”

  1. I’m reading my first Farrah…Rochon that is! Because I am a freak for football, I grabbed Field of Pleasure because Amazon had it marked as book #1 in the NY Sabers series. I see on her website that it’s actually book 3. Pardon me while I go clickety-clickety!

  2. I am not reading per say. Unless you count editing a cookbook until my eyes cross. I have two great books I got as gifts and are looking forward to settling down with them next week.

  3. I’m 3/4 of the way through my latest SB, Hello, Darkness. I’m enjoying it, though not as much as I’ve enjoyed some of her others. I think this was an earlier work for her, and it’s easy to see. Or maybe I’ve just become an SB snob. lol

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