4 Replies to “Whatcha Reading?”

  1. I’m reading Hard Time by Cara McKenna and I am totally hooked! Can’t wait for lunch so I can get back to it.

  2. I’m reading some old Barbara Cartland romances. They seem slightly corny now, but her descriptions of clothing are part of what made me start to costume shows.

  3. Just finished devouring Mean Streak by Sandra Brown. Absolutely loved that book. Next up, First Frost! 🙂

  4. Last week I finished “Close Your Eyes, Hold Hands” which wasn’t quite as emotionally devastating as I’d feared, and then I read Dave Barry’s new book “Live Right and Find Happiness” because I needed a good laugh. This week – because my brain apparently fried somewhere along the way – I started 3 books: “The House We Grew Up In” by Lisa Jewell, “Treasure Me” by Christine Nolfi, and “Chestnut Street” by Maeve Binchy. We’ll see how that turns out! So far I seem to be reading “The House We Grew Up In” the most eagerly, which is about a beautiful, free-spirited mother named Lorelei who has a few screws loose. Favorite quote so far, from Lorelei’s husband: “It was like dating…summer.”

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