4 Replies to “Whatcha reading Wednesday!”

  1. I’m reading The Right Choice by Carly Phillips, and the very moment that’s finished I’m jumping into First Frost by our beloved SAA. 🙂 Happy Wednesday!

  2. I just finished “First Frost.” Let’s say yesterday I finished it. (There are some advantages to working in a library.) I thoroughly enjoyed reuniting with the Waverlys again. I just started “The Job,” the third installment of the series Janet Evanovich writes with Lee Goldberg. They are usually fun, fast reads and incorporate some of the humor associated with Stephanie Plum — except Kate O’Hare is very competent at her job!

  3. I’m reading ‘Say Yes to the Marquess’ – part of Tessa Dare’s Castles series. On Audio, Julia Quinn’s ‘The Sum of All Kisses’, which is making all of her FB posts about unicorns infinitely more funny. Next up one of the books I’m assigned as a RITA judge, then The Right Choice by Carly Phillips.

  4. I am reading The Picture Frame: A Horror Novel by Iain Rob Wright. I just finished reading Overlay – A Tale of One Girl’s Life in 1970’s Las Vegas by Marlayna Glynn Brown. It was a bit sad. So, I need some fiction horror to bring me back around!

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