5 Replies to “Whatcha Reading Wednesday!”

  1. So I’m a little behind and backwards this week – story of my life…
    I have “As You Wish,” Cary Elwes behind-the-scenes books about the Princess Bride ready to read at home. Hubby raced through it in about 2 days and assures me that it’s excellent.
    I also had a really cool thing happen to me. I read a book two years ago that impressed me very much, “The Bubblegum Thief,” by Jeff Miller. The author is currently at work on the sequel to it, and he asked a group of readers (including yours truly) to read through his manuscript and tell him our thoughts, so I’m pretty excited about that! I’m re-reading The Bubblegum Thief to remind myself about what all went on in that book, and I’m also beginning to read through the new story. Yep, this might be a reading weekend!

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